Very Progressive… Opening Sunday

Well some of us have been working us buts off. While others sit back, chill and give us feedback. Well we decided by Sunday everything should be polished and perfected. (We hope)

We are working on the templates currently and we revamped the profile, user display, and control panel. We also are redoing the theme and keeping it blue like it was before. What appears to be much smoother on the eyes. And majority of this has been completed in the last few days.

I would like to thank everyone evolved. And this is the last blog entry till egad is opened. 😀


Looking for Developers!!!

Just a side note we are looking for theme developers to help us out at egad. This may include editing the templates and enhacing forum areas. You will also be in your own development group while active.
Current Developers Are:

aldo – coder

Captain – Graphics

ccbtimewiz – Templates/Coding

If you wish you can benifit egad please contact shadow82x.

AIM – Shadow82x         MSN –

The sooner we get more developers the closer egad is too opening so tell your friends if you know they are experienced. D

Theming eh?

As most of you know us I’m a beta tester at SMF and like to make everything bug free if possible for the software I love most. As thats why we always use the latest beta version. As we thought for egad we needed a new look.

Than we thought again… Whats so bad about the default look?

In SMF2.0 beta4 they introduce a tableless layout which is harder to custimize (until at least other themes are released)

So were kind of stuck using the default template (modified slightly in css) but in the future we may upgrade the templates. We currently were able to port over web2.0 borders (that happen to look a lot better with SMF) but not other aspects in which we were wishing. So again we will stay with the default template and modify aspects about it to make it more web2.0. As it is there are many successful forums using the smf core theme.

mm SMF and Updates

Good news all. Earth is still around without a blackhole sucking us all up until October 21st :P. (See BBC) So now we got a month to live we might as well make sure egad is well out before October 20th. 🙂 Now yes I got a bit offtopic there. Now we choose SMF over myBB for a few reasons here

– Seems like most members agree they want SMF

– Recent posts are displayed well

– WYSIWYG editor

– Moderation panel/warning system is easier to use and user friendly

– Tracking of the posts

– Easy to modify/theme using our own

– Easier Contact information

– Private Message System and seperate link is easier imo

In other words both softwares are really nice but we feel we can really digg the into customizing SMF. It’s also fun being a beta tester.

And the updates..

Well we havent completed much of what we wanted but I wanted to show you guys the TODO list

– Implment Ajax Quick Reply
– Add games to the arcade (if decided)
– Enable the video/youtube mod
– Possibly add a blog section if used correctly
– Implement new PM notification – screw the popup P
– Implement new theme
— New header
— Realigned Search box
— New colors

In other news I just finished the new PM notifier .

SMF vs MyBB :: The Fight for our community

I have been rethinking our decision over on choosing myBB over SMF and the more I look at it the similar they are. They both have there ups and downs and I’m kind of lost in what way to drift to be honest. MyBB has the famous features while SMF has little features that are well more useful. There both very good forum softwares don’t get me wrong as I use both. 😛

I made a list of things that I like per software…


  • Advanced Popup Buddylist
  • Very modernized user panel with easy to change settings
  • Lots of ajax including star rating, QUICK REPLY, buddy management, and admin areas
  • View how many attachments per post
  • Save as draft feature
  • Inline Attachment Usuage
  • Advanced Memberlist/Calender Support (Heck we should use the calender a lot more)
  • No sexy PM box/ban message box 😛


  • Clean cut themes and easy to work with
  • Easy tracking of unread/replied topics
  • WYSIWYG Editor (Possible with myBB but buggy atm)
  • Easy warning system based on percents
  • A more unique forum software id say (myBB tends to follow in the footsteps of IPB/vB)
  • Minor other things

While I’m still leaning SLIGHTLY for myBB I wanted to know the communities thought. They are both grade A softwares and I would work with either.

Egad Downtime…


Hello this is our first official blog update here at egad I wanted to explain why there is a little downtime and the logic behind everything. First of all egad has been dead ever since we started basically and we only had the same members posting. Eventually those members moved onto better things and left the forum world. Than we were left with basically just admins and spam posters left. As a admin decision all of the current admins of egad decided we need new start. Fresh Look, Content, And a organized team. Things were not very organized in the past in terms of moderation and the team. So the final outcome was to remove everything egad is now and turn it into something else. That means removing all members and content.

The Issue: Also another factor was a member shot down egad (whom was active) and deleted a ton of his posts so topics really don’t make seem proper anymore. Along with the quote a smiley issue from converting to myBB.

Anyhow I don’t want to give anymore information when the new egad is released but I thought this post would be good to explain whats really happening. Egad wont be up within a few days but rather a few weeks as a time frame. We want everything to be smooth riding. Keep looking at this blog though because this is what you may see in the future….

  • Team Application Information
  • Features that are going to be in Egad 3.0
  • Update Information

Hope you guys understand and don’t take this the wrong way. Its the only *logical* way to jumpstart egad.


Hello world!

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